Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The struggles of relationships

Why are relationships so hard? Lately I've noticed that so many men are simply leaving women hanging. These women are great but the men aren't so great. They're making these very smart, sweet women feel stupid. This isn't right on any level.

I honestly don't believe that many of us are ever going to find our soulmates, let alone our twin flames. Instead we're put on this Earth to be with the people who we are able to find in the here and now. These are people who are broken vessels just like we ourselves are. Yet, they have a lot that we can learn from them. It's up to us what lessons we choose to take away with us and just how much energy we're willing to invest in them. This can be a very difficult thing to choose but I'm here for you...

Let's get together and talk about you and your needs in your specific situation. I'll also keep you in prayer, just like I do with each and every one of my clients. Together we can determine the best path, the best timing and create the best you. Until then, be blessed.

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